Brazil 2, USA 2 (PKs: Brazil 3, USA 5): No Words

Pardon the melodrama, but what a moment. What drama in Dresden. Maybe it will seem more real if it’s all written out.

The U.S. today defeated Brazil in the quarterfinals of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup. And for some time, that seemed like a highly unlikely result. That despite an excellent defensive performance.

The U.S. took the lead thanks to a Brazil own goal in the 2nd minute. In the second half Rachel Buehler got questionably called for a foul in the area that led to a red card and penalty. Hope Solo saved Cristiane’s penalty kick but it was called off presumably because a U.S. player (looked to be Boxx) had enroached in the area. Marta stepped up and buried the do-over penalty kick. Matters worsened for the U.S. as Marta scored magical goal in the 92nd minute with a deft touch. The U.S. looked to be headed towards its earliest elimination from a World Cup in history; a result not helped by poor refereeing and a bit of gamesmanship at the end.

It wasn’t over, though, as Abby Wambach drove in a header in the dying moment of stoppage time to level the affair at 1-1.  Megan Rapinoe provided the perfect assist. It was the latest goal ever scored in a Women’s World Cup.

Penalty kicks. The U.S. converted its first three penalty kicks while Hope Solo stepped up to save Daiane’s. Megan Rapinoe calmly finished hers, as did Francielle after that. Ali Krieger then scored the decisive spot kick.

And it was all over, this on the 12th anniversary to the day of the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup final.

Semifinals now. Almost there.

28 thoughts on “Brazil 2, USA 2 (PKs: Brazil 3, USA 5): No Words

  1. Allen

    USA! USA! USA! Well done, you more than deserved that one. Unbelievable game!
    – new fan from canada!

  2. korsakoff

    Karma is a bitch. And Brazil, rightfully, has been eliminated.

    I am very thankful. The US girls (though their play today was embarassing) have eliminated the most unfair crop. Thank you, Hope Solo. The semifinal against France should really, really be the 2011 World Cup title game.

    1. StarCityFan

      I think today should have been the title game. And part of me feels as if they should just retire the Women’s World Cup, because nothing’s ever going to top this. (Of course, I was thinking the same thing in 1999.)

      1. korsakoff

        The biggest parts of this game was written by the ref and Brazil’s #13 Erika (and Hope Solo, of course). So, it was close, it was exciting, but the play of both sides was nothing to cheer about. I was surprised to see such a nervous US squad, especially in the first half. They did prove their heart and spirit at the end, though. But they did not play a good game.

  3. Becky

    Wow what a match! What an outcome. I admit it. I am a naysayer who stands corrected. I also admit Marta is a jerk on the field. I must have had on home team blinders with FCGP. I’m glad she was booed every time she touched the ball.
    What a great finish. Lots to analyze but for now, I shall bask in the glory.

  4. Ramon

    The soccer gods punished the more cynical side. But it was a close call, as the US played almost as cynically. Wambach crumbling to the ground after a trifling challenge to get her opponent a yellow was almost as bad as Erika’s antics. Easily the ugliest of the 4 quarterfinals matches. 🙁

    1. cambridge_footie

      Agreed. I think Abby is actually Brazilian. Seriously, get off the ground and play! I was also surprised at how theatrical the German team were. Personally I find it shows disrespect for the game. One of the things going for the women’s game is that we don’t see too much of this cr*p.

    2. StarCityFan

      If you look at the right replay carefully, you’ll see that Abby actually gets whacked in the tailbone. I agree that she goes down way too easily, but when she stays down it’s always been with good reason.

  5. casualfan

    The better team won today. Despite the best efforts of the officials to sabotage us. And despite some very dirty tactics by the likes of Erika and Marta.

  6. Richard

    Congratulations! Great finish. The right team wone. Some of the Brazilian players should seek a career in the theatrical sphere. Tomorrow in my office in Munich, Germany, everyone will talk about the match. It seems everyone is watching the games. And yes, women´s soccer has dramatically improved. Thank you.

  7. AWL

    Storybook win for the US over Brazil–one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched! Had a few non-soccer guests over, and when I turned the game on I got a couple of grouchy comments, but soon they were watching too. By the end they were glued to the tube and asking when to tune in to the semi-finals. Think I made some converts…

  8. Richard

    Afterthought: In the regular time, Solo saved the first penalty, against Brazilian Christiane. The refereee called for a retake (for obscure reasons). Now Marta shot the penalty. Was that even legal? Found nothing in the rules, at a quick glance.

    1. Jenna Pel Post author

      I agree, that did seem weird. You don’t often see that. Anyone have confirmation about that?

      1. Allen

        An american player had encroached into the penalty box as the penalty was being taken so technically, it was a correct call. Harsh one but thankfully, not one that decided the game.

        1. cambridge_footie

          But is it legal to retake a penalty using a different player? Seems like that is not really ‘retaking’ it.

          1. Gary

            This happened recently in MLS. The Portland Timbers were awared a penalty against DC United. Kenny Cooper first and second attempt were saved by Bill Hamid but each was flagged for the keeper moving off his line. Finally, John Spencer told Jake Jewsbury to take the third which was finally made.
            Here’s the video:

  9. Soccer

    WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED BESIDES THE WIN!!!! No time, but to move on….still 2 HUGE games.

    The girls literally have no time to travel to Mbach and play France on Wednesday, just 2 days away!!! Dawn Scott will be a hero if she gets these girls in shape for France.

    Also, I wonder if LePeilbet will be brought inside for Buehler or if Saurbrunn will come in and make her FIRST appearance!!!! Also………..Amy Rodriguez has been the worst forward of team USA…get her off the field or put Cheney up top to replace her and bring Rapinoe in.

    A-Rod was honestly a JOKE today…she gave up the ball so many times and looked like she couldnt even stand on her own two feet!

    The game against France………….will be won in midfield….and Lloyd and Boxx need to play way better than they did today, luckily the US defense never really played through midfield and always played long balls up to Wambach.

    1. Bill

      Given how they played in the warm-up matches when Rampone was out, I’d assume they’ll bring in Sauerbrunn and leave LePeilbet on the outside.

  10. Luke

    I am so, so proud of the U.S. team right now. The game was not a pretty one by any stretch, not by either team. The U.S. was generally quite poor in attack. But it had as much drama as I’ve ever seen, on par with the 1999 final and 2000 Olympics vs. Norway when Tiffeny Milbrett tied it during the last minute of regulation (only this time, the U.S. won!).

    Abby Wambach deserves a freaking standing ovation. She’s not 100% fit, was not very prominent in the flow of play, but she nearly scored on that left footer in overtime, and then did several minutes later. Unbelievable. Megan Rapinoe, as well, deserves kudos for that inch perfect cross. Any lower, and Andreia would have caught it. And higher, and it goes out of bounds. She has been inconsistent during this World Cup with her crossing, but stepped up when it mattered.

    I love the symbolic poetry of this game. Score in the first minute and the last. Twelve years to the day since the 1999 shootout. All five PK takers score. Goalkeeper saves the third one. Fantastic.

    Also, I’m usually not one for personal insults, but screw you Erika (and the rest who made the game ugly). And suck it. I hope this loss stings for a long time. If it wasn’t for your egregious feigning of a broken back (which you were miraculously able to heal from and hop up from the stretcher after leaving the field), you would be in the semifinals. Justice is served.

    I love Hope Solo.

    Bring on France. In a way, I think they offer a stiffer test than Brazil, who had glimpses of individual brilliance but were not cohesive at all. I place all the blame upon Kleiton Lima. He took a spectacular Brazil team, with much of the same personnel as 2007 (they did miss Daniela and Maycon, though), and made them pretty mediocre. For shame.

    So, so proud. Thank you Team USA.

  11. Robyn

    i had a thought that maybe if erika (and a few others) hadnt rolled around shamelessly, we wouldnt have seen 3 minutes of added time. time wasting tactics came back to bite brazil certainly. overall, the game was breathtaking. one of the best games i have EVER seen, male or female. just completely captivating.

  12. Angie in OK

    No doubt, this will become one of those “Do you remember when…” moments in American sport culture…no matter what happens the rest of the tournament. What persistence! What a comeback! What a story!

    I have often wondered how much the team relationships really did heal after the ’07 implosion. Hope and Abby seem to truly respect each other, as evidenced by how they have interacted on the field during this WC and what they said about each other in interviews, especially during their postgame interview with Bob Ley today. What a beautiful thing!

  13. e

    Last year I was at a LPGA event in Rochester, NY that had Abby there signing autographs to benefit a charity. It just happened to be going on while the US men’s soccer team were playing for their spot in the the second round. She asked for a tv to be put on so she could keep track of the game. At the end of the event she stayed to watch the end of the match along with a few other fans including me. It was so great to watch something like that with her screaming at the tv along with the rest of us. The one phrase she kept yelling as the minutes ticked away was “Someone needs to be the hero!” Thanks Abby, Hope, Rapinoe, Ali, Boxxy, Rampone and the rest of the US squad for gutting it out and all being the heroes. On to France!

  14. Yankeebrit

    Jones diving against Jamaica and getting a man sent off in the men’s Gold Cup wasnt derided by the US media. Did I like Brazil”s tactics, no but there are players on every team in the world who will push rules to the limit to try and get the benefit.

  15. TC

    What a roller coster of highs and lows. It’s like a few years worth of one’s life distilled down to 2 hrs of intense emotion. Games like that are why I love sports. You’ll watch a thousand games just to come close to experiencing that feeling again.

  16. Lina

    exhilirating, it motivates me, like if you believe, that Rapinoe served a great ball that Abby scored in the last seconds of a long match and Hope can stop two penalty kicks, then I can bike to my friend’s house. I am so happy that they persevered, and “went home” without a loss. It would have been understandable to lose heart, down 2-1 in overtime, but they did nt give up and this is part of their heroism. the other part is some fantastic play- a service, a header, 2 penalty kick blocks.

  17. Marshall

    Speaking of fake injuries, I just remembered one outrageous (maybe the right word for it is surreal) case that happend in 1989, at Maracana, when Brazil played Chile during the 1990 WC qualifying tournament.

    Roberto Rojas, Chile’s goalkeeper, went to the pitch with a razor hidden in his glove. Knowing Chile had little to no chance to beat Brazil, he was planning to use it to cut himself during a goal kick, as if someone had thrown a rock at him or something. Then, someone from the stands decided to light a firework rocket that, coincidentally, landed close to the Chile goalkeeper, who went to the floor as if it had hit him. Then, he used the razor to cut his own forehead. The match was suspended and, later, FIFA analyzed the video footage and concluded the fireworks did not hit him.

    Rojas later admitted faking the injury and was banned for life. In 2001, he got amnesty and (believe it or not), at age 43, became the trainer of Sao Paulo goalkeepers. The person who threw the rocket was identified as a woman, who after being released from jail, became a kind of celebrity and even posed for Playboy magazine… Those things can only happen in Brazil! 🙂

    For more information, see those links (in english):


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