Postgame Sound – Breakers/Flash (Lauren Cheney, Tony DiCicco, Ali Riley, Christine Sinclair)

I’m sure you’ve seen Alex Morgan’s goal by now, unfortunately (as you can hear a little in the Lauren Cheney interview) the Breakers band was walking behind, which made her sound unintelligible, but we did get a hold of Cheney, Tony DiCicco, and international World Cup players Ali Riley (New Zealand) and Christine Sinclair (Canada).

Some interesting comments from all on various subjects:

Everyone wants to talk to Alex these days

So for your enjoyment:

Ali Riley

Christine Sinclair

Lauren Cheney

Tony DiCicco


4 thoughts on “Postgame Sound – Breakers/Flash (Lauren Cheney, Tony DiCicco, Ali Riley, Christine Sinclair)

  1. magpie

    completely agree with Lauren Cheney that it is a typical Alex Morgan goal. it was #2 on ESPN Sportscenter Top 10 plays. so happy for Morgan for getting her 3rd goal in WPS. can’t wait for the USWNT USA come you were not able to get an interview from Alex Morgan?

    1. Ray Curren Post author

      I did, but you couldn’t hear anything on the tape (she couldn’t even hear the questions) because the band was right behind us. Could have tried to get her later, but she had friends there and lots of autographs to sign. Try again next time. Sorry.
      Jenna caught up with her back in April (obviously much has changed since then):

  2. Bev

    For that band to play throughout the games is mind-numbing. Having seen games in person and on TV, the band’s constant drumming is distracting and annoying. Is it really necessary for them to be “playing” the entire time? They could be a a halftime show to rev the fans up.

  3. Soccer

    Maybe the fans should stop playing the drums and just wave flags…….that looks way better on TV and pics.


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