Announcing The AWK NCAA Soccer Awards (With Preseason Shortlists)

Folks, occasionally we get e-mails here at AWK World Headquarters, and occasionally they’re full of very good ideas. One such e-mail we received recently talked of a void in the postseason award department within college soccer. Yes, there’s the Hermann Trophy, honoring the nation’s best collegiate player over the course of a season, and there’s also an All-American team decided on by the NSCAA, but realistically, there’s very little in between. This is especially telling when it comes to goalkeepers and defenders who don’t rack up the obscene stats that make them attractive candidates for the Big Crystal Soccer Ball given out by the Missouri Athletic Club at the beginning of January.

So we at All White Kit have decided to fill that void beginning this season and are announcing a set of seven awards to be given out in early January, ideally a few days before the Hermann Trophy winner is announced. The current plan is to attach the name of a college soccer legend to each award, but we haven’t settled on which legend for each award as of yet. As always, we invite audience participation for suggestions.

Speaking of audience participation, YOU the reader will factor into these awards as well. The format for deciding the winner of each award will be a fifty vote ballot, split between forty-eight coaches, myself, and a fan vote counting as one vote. A poll featuring the three finalists will appear on this site from mid-to-late December and the results will count as one of the fifty votes on the ballot to decide each award.

Awards such as these aren’t any fun without preseason shortlists, so we’ve gone ahead and whipped those up as well. The only caveats right now are that:

A) No freshmen or redshirt freshmen or internationals who haven’t played in college yet on the shortlists (they are eligible for the final awards)
B) No preseason shortlist for Rookie of the Year or Coach of The Year (for obvious reasons)

There may be some positional conflicts on the list given where players may be playing this season (See: Dunn, Crystal), but I generally tried to list players with the position they played last season. If they change positions this year, they’ll of course have their eligibility for an award moved to that different position.

Shortlists are fifty names each for all awards except the Golden Glove award which is twenty-five names.

Without Further Ado…

A) AWK Coach of the Year Award – No Preseason Shortlist

B) AWK Rookie of the Year Award – No Preseason Shortlist

C) AWK Golden Glove Award

Ashley Baker (Georgia)
Justine Bernier (Alabama)
Aubrey Bledsoe (Wake Forest)
Lacey Bockhaus (Southeastern Louisiana)
Colleen Boyd (Oregon State)
Annie Brunner (Colorado)
Lara Campbell (Denver)
Tara Campbell (Duke)
Kelli Cornell (New Mexico)
Michele Dalton (Wisconsin)
Jill Flietstra (Michigan State)
Adrianna Franch (Oklahoma State)
Alexa Gaul (Texas)
Bianca Henninger (Santa Clara)
Chantel Jones (Virginia)
Kelsey Kearney (UNC Greensboro)
Megan Kinneman (LSU)
Natalie Kulla (Marquette)
Jorde LaFontaine-Kussmann (Washington)
Jillian Mastroianni (Boston College)
Emily Oliver (Stanford)
Cat Parkhill (Minnesota)
Courtney Parsons (San Diego)
Aline Reis (Central Florida)
Alyssa Whitehead (Samford)

D) AWK Defender of the Year Award

Torri Allen (Georgia)
Drea Barklage (West Virginia)
Cat Barnekow (UNC Greensboro)
Kathleen Beljan (Dayton)
Alaina Beyar (Boston College)
Cloee Colohan (Portland)
KC Correllus (Florida Gulf Coast)
Crystal Dunn (North Carolina)
Ellen Fahey (South Carolina)
Brittany Galindo (Oregon State)
Natalie Garcia (San Diego)
Alina Garciamendez (Stanford)
CoCo Goodson (UC Irvine)
Bri Hovington (Penn State)
Jessica Ingram (San Jose State)
Ines Jaurena (Florida State)
Julie Johnston (Santa Clara)
Bianca Joswiak (UCF)
Kassey Kallman (Florida State)
Morgan Kennedy (Oregon State)
Julie King (Auburn)
Olivia Klei (Santa Clara)
Lindsey Kowal (Harvard)
Jenny LaPonte (Santa Clara)
Rachel Lenz (Texas A&M)
Lindsi Lisonbee (BYU)
Jackie Logue (Wake Forest)
Lexi Marton (Penn State)
Kerry McBride (Marquette)
Bry McCarthy (West Virginia)
Megan McQueeny (San Diego State)
Melinda Mercado (Oklahoma State)
Meg Morris (North Carolina)
Kecia Morway (Notre Dame)
Nina Pedersen (Texas)
Alyssa Pember (Boston College)
Toni Pressley (Florida State)
Rachel Quon (Stanford)
Ashley Rape (Duke)
Jessica Schuveiller (Notre Dame)
Lizzy Simonin (Memphis)
Annie Steinlage (Michigan State)
Morgan Stith (Virginia)
Liesel Toth (Central Michigan)
Katy Van Lieshout (Denver)
Courtney Verloo (Stanford)
Carrie Whigham (Oklahoma)
Kathryn Williamson (Florida)
Shannon Woeller (Rutgers)
Bri Young (Texas A&M)

E) AWK Midfielder of the Year Award

Tahnai Annis (Florida)
Courtney Barg (Notre Dame)
Amber Brooks (North Carolina)
Zakiya Bywaters (UCLA)
Allysha Chapman (LSU)
Judy Christopher (UC Irvine)
Kelly Conheeney (Virginia Tech)
Kelly D’Ambrisi (Georgetown)
Kate Deines (Washington)
Vanessa DiBernardo (Illinois)
Nicholette DiGiacomo (Denver)
Kylie Doniak (Texas)
Lindsay Elston (Washington)
Danielle Foxhoven (Portland)
Katy Frierson (Auburn)
Shawna Gordon (Long Beach State)
Domenica Hodak (Maryland)
Tori Huster (Florida State)
Katie Jackson (UCF)
Alev Kelter (Wisconsin)
Holly King (Florida)
Mandy Laddish (Notre Dame)
Vanessa Legault-Cordisco (Marquette)
Krista Lopez (Oklahoma State)
Kylie Louw (Stephen F. Austin)
Jessica Luscinski (Boston University)
Taylor Lytle (Texas Tech)
Laura McCalla (Purdue)
Natalie Martineau (LSU)
Kristen Mewis (Boston College)
Christine Nairn (Penn State)
Alexa Newfield (Georgia)
Annika Niemeier (Oklahoma State)
Mariah Nogueira (Stanford)
Teresa Noyola (Stanford)
Christabel Oduro (Memphis)
Kelly Reinwald (Canisius)
Bri Rodriguez (West Virginia)
Linda Ruutu (UConn)
Ashli Sandoval (USC)
Catie Sessions (Wisconsin)
Casey Short (Florida State)
Chelsea Stewart (UCLA)
Kylie Strom (Boston University)
Meghan Toohey (Michigan)
Taylor Travis (Florida)
Elizabeth Tucker (Notre Dame)
Erika Tymrak (Florida)
Cat Walker (San Diego State)
Ingrid Wells (Georgetown)

F) AWK Forward of the Year Award

Lauren Alwine (Virginia)
Sade Ayinde (Maryland)
McKenzie Barney (Florida)
Kaitlin Bast (Denver)
Chelsea Buckland (Oregon State)
Micaela Capelle (Portland)
Janice Cayman (Florida State)
Tani Costa (Penn State)
Victoria DiMartino (Boston College)
Elizabeth Eddy (USC)
Christine Exeter (Louisville)
Nkem Ezurike (Michigan)
Jonelle Filigno (Rutgers)
Jessica Fuston (Texas Tech)
Kayla Grimsley (South Carolina)
Ashley Grove (Maryland)
Sarah Hagen (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Maya Hayes (Penn State)
Melissa Henderson (Notre Dame)
Laura Heyboer (Michigan State)
Jordan Jackson (Nebraska)
Tishia Jewell (UCF)
Courtney Jones (North Carolina)
Sydney Leroux (UCLA)
Morgan Marlborough (Nebraska)
Tawni Martino (Loyola Marymount)
Merritt Mathias (Texas A&M)
Paige Maxwell (Ohio State)
Tiffany McCarty (Florida State)
Blake Miller (West Virginia)
Brittney Neumann (Creighton)
Laurie Nosbusch (Wisconsin)
Stephanie Ochs (San Diego)
Kealia Ohai (North Carolina)
Mallory Outerbridge (Western Kentucky)
Mollie Pathman (Duke)
Carlee Payne (BYU)
Jessica Price (Florida State)
Jenna Richardson (Oregon State)
Katie Ryan (Villanova)
Kristen Schmidbauer (Maryland)
Rachael Sloan (Marquette)
Jasmyne Spencer (Maryland)
Katie Stengel (Wake Forest)
Lindsay Taylor (Stanford)
Camille Trujillo (Georgetown)
Furtuna Velaj (Quinnipiac)
Laura Weinberg (Duke)
Colleen Williams (Dayton)
Jennifer Williams (New Mexico)

G) AWK International Player of the Year Award (This Shortlist Goes to Fifty-Three. Sorry.)

Natalia Ariza (Austin Peay)
Tatiana Ariza (Austin Peay)
Justine Bernier (Alabama)
Taryne Boudreau (LSU)
Chelsea Buckland (Oregon State)
Melissa Busque (UConn)
Tiffany Cameron (Ohio State)
Janice Cayman (Florida State)
Allysha Chapman (LSU)
Courtney Conrad (VCU)
Abi Cottam (Rider)
Jayne Eadie (Texas A&M)
Christine Exeter (Louisville)
Nkem Ezurike (Michigan)
Jonelle Filigno (Rutgers)
Natalia Gaitan (Toledo)
Mariana Garcia (The Citadel)
Sokhara Goodall (UCF)
Sophie Hargreaves (Murray State)
Betsy Hassett (Cal)
Lizzy Hildebrandt (Memphis)
Ines Jaurena (Florida State)
Bianca Joswiak (UCF)
Monica Lam-Feist (Wisconsin)
Vanessa Legault-Cordisco (Marquette)
Adriana Leon (Notre Dame)
Kylie Louw (Stephen F. Austin)
Barbara Maros de Carvalho (St. Francis (PA)
Natalie Martineau (LSU)
Lexi Marton (Penn State)
Bry McCarthy (West Virginia)
Annika Niemeier (Oklahoma State)
Christabel Oduro (Memphis)
Katrin Omarsdottir (Cal)
Mallory Outerbridge (Western Kentucky)
Nina Pedersen (Texas)
Amelia Pereira (Hartford)
Veronika Pribyslavska (Murray State)
Aline Reis (UCF)
Jenna Richardson (Oregon State)
Tina Romagnuolo (Syracuse)
Linda Ruutu (UConn)
Greta Samuelsdottir (Northeastern)
Trine Taule (Samford)
Keara Thompson (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Emma Thomson (Penn State)
Laura Twidle (Central Michigan)
Angelika Uremovich (Louisville)
Orianica Velasquez (Indiana)
Kodee Williams (Wisconsin)
Shannon Woeller (Rutgers)
Danica Wu (Ohio State)
Andrea Zuniga (Creighton)

2 thoughts on “Announcing The AWK NCAA Soccer Awards (With Preseason Shortlists)

  1. random

    This is great, thanks Chris for doing such a great job so far on the NCAA. Putting this together must have been a full time job on its own!

  2. Kara

    I like the idea of a “Kate Markgraf Award” to the most reliable defender with little to no statistical offensive contribution. I think the only defenders who get recognized are the ones who score or consistently get assists, but there’s a lack of recognition for the pure defender.


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