Notables for August 31, 2011

  • Alyssa Naeher has made the jump to Turbine Potsdam. The Boston Breakers’ goalkeeper could fill the void left by first choice GK Anna Felicitas Sarholz who was just injured in a biking accident, but is not expected to miss the entire season. It’s a significant move as the German powerhouses rarely open their checkbooks for foreign talent, although that’s changed recently. It’s still quite rare to see American names linked with the club. There were reportedly five names in the mix, one of which was another U.S.-based player. The short-term stint will be a fantastic opportunity for Naeher.


  • Our Game Magazine reports that Caroline Seger has signed a two-year deal with Tyresö FF beginning in 2012. Seger will appear for Malmö for the rest of the 2011 Damallsvenskan season. Seger’s record in WPS is unimpeachable as she appeared in the 2010 WPS Championship in her debut season before winning it all with the Flash this year. She’ll  be missed on these shores.


  • The pair of USWNT friendlies in September will feature the full squad from the Women’s World Cup. No complaints here. There will be time to bed in new faces during the run-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics (paging Ashlyn, Whitney, Sinead, and possibly Christen). It will be a nice showing for the new fans that came on board as a result of the World Cup. These games will serve as cause for deserved celebration – even if they can’t be part of a Gold Medal tour.


  • In case you missed it, Hope Solo will be a contestant on the newest season of Dancing With the Stars. This Tweet pretty much sums it up. Solo is unquestionably the face of women’s soccer in the U.S. now, which is, well… /sigh/.


More later if anything else comes up.

14 thoughts on “Notables for August 31, 2011

  1. Katie

    1. Any chance Seger comes back to play for WNY or is that completely out of the question?

    2. What US keeper are you referring to?

    3. When does Pia start making changes to the squad?

    1. Jenna Pel Post author

      1.) That new contract will be up in 2014 so it doesn’t seem likely. 2.) Room for guessing. 3.) Perhaps by the end of 2011.

      1. cow pasture alum

        Just to clarify, Sweden plays a summer season that overlaps WPS, right? That rules out a loan agreement with the Flash or anyone else. Other WPS players have played for clubs in other countries whose leagues play during the Northern Hemisphere winter/Southern Hemisphere summer.

        1. Jenna Pel Post author

          Correct, but the Damallsvenskan has an extended break throughout the summer months up to August. That still doesn’t offer a large window of time for loan spells, though.

    2. Joshua

      With regards to 1.

      According to

      “The Flash…announced that they have mutually terminated the contracts of midfielder Caroline Seger (pronounced SAY-gurr) and midfielder Brazilian National Team player Maurine. Seger was a vital part to the 2011 WPS Championship team, as she appeared in 12 games and had 5 goals and 1 assist.. Seger was the third shooter to score for the Flash in the Championship match against the Philadelphia Independence.

      “We are all sad to see Segs go, but we couldn’t be happier with not only her performance, but her leadership and character on and off the field. She truly exemplifies what the WNY Flash is all about. We wish her the best of luck back in her native country of Sweden,” says Lines. “

  2. Katie

    Interested to see what happens with the Olympic team considering I read they only carry 18 on the roster. So 2 GK’s and 16 field players. Solo and who Barnhart , Harris maybe? Curious to see if some of the older players still go to the Olympics or if any new players replace them. Also, curious to see how short a leash Pia has with those players that had a poor WWC? (Buehler, Rodriguez, etc.).

    1. Katreus

      That was the point… Sarholz is their no. 1. They don’t want there to be any confusion as to that. Naeher is supposed to be a solid GK but not one that can challenge Sarholz. They probably figure the rest of their squad can carry the team in the interim even if Naeher isn’t as good as Sarholz.

    2. cow pasture alum

      How do you know any of the others would have been interested or otherwise available? For instance, maybe they’re just not interested in living there.

  3. cambridge_footie

    Didn’t Seger get a Green Card last year? She will need to fulfill a residency requirement in order to retain that. There are INS hoops you can jump through but it might nearly be easier to try living on both continents. Of course she may have given up on the WPS for all we know.

    1. Jenny

      That’s what I was wondering. She so proudly announced her green card on twitter. WPS doesn’t seem to do well with Swede retention. Does anyone know if Sjögran will return?

  4. cambridge_footie

    Personally, I think if you are going to swing nearly 6ft of muscle around a dance floor I’d have gone with Wambach but Solo on Dancing with the Stars is a good thing. She was quite funny when they asked her about it before, talking about how she can’t dance or walk in heels and it was a ridiculous idea. So hopefully she’ll have fun with it and stay away from the drama. If that happens it will be a nice bit of press for the USWNT.


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