First Impressions Of A Post-WPS World: History Lessons

You see a glimpse of it far off in the distance; something barreling towards you. You think the coast has begun to clear, but you still brace for impact. And then it hits. The initial foresight hasn’t diminished the force of the blow.


Women’s Professional Soccer has been suspended in 2012 with hopes of returning in 2013. (One for the optimists, that). League officials (might) return to a South Florida court on Wednesday to address the latest issues in its ongoing court case with Dan Borislow.

The Women’s United Soccer Association – WPS’s predecessor – held its inaugural draft on December  9 and 10, 2000 in Boca Raton. An excerpt from Jere Longman’s quintessential book, The Girls of Summer:


Once, it had seemed…implausible that a women’s professional soccer league would have a chance to succeed in the United States. Even now, with the Women’s World Cup used as a sort of champagne bottle to christen the launch of the WUSA, many wondered whether the league would be seaworthy. There would be little room for error. Even the most fervid supporters of the women’s game agreed that there would be no second chance.


So now what?

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