AWK’s 2012 NCAA Soccer Preview – Provisional 2013 & 2014 Recruiting Class Rankings

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Big East – Cincinnati | DePaul | Pittsburgh | Rutgers | Seton Hall | St. John’s (NY) | Syracuse | Villanova
Big Ten – Indiana | Nebraska | Purdue
Mid-Majors – Florida Gulf Coast
Pac-12 – Arizona State | Colorado | Oregon | Utah | Washington
SEC – Mississippi State
WCC – Gonzaga | Loyola Marymount | San Francisco

OK. Here are the first versions of the recruiting class rankings for the 2013 and 2014 classes. Similar to what SoccerHunter from BigSoccer does, these are calculated objectively, with achievements listed on the college soccer recruiting spreadsheet scaled and added. Obviously, one and two years out, these rankings are subject to change, with transfers, international signings, and some unreported commitments not being factored in yet. This should at least give some idea though of how classes are shaping up (at least in one pundit’s eyes).

Full recruiting class rankings for the 2012 season will be up later in the week.


1. Stanford
3. USC
4. Florida State
5. North Carolina
6. Boston College
7. Notre Dame
8. Santa Clara
9. Portland
10. Clemson

11. Virginia
12. Duke
13. Cal
14. South Carolina
15. Ohio State
16. Michigan
17. West Virginia
18. Georgia
19. Penn State
20. LSU

21. Baylor
22. Kentucky
23. Oklahoma State
24. Illinois
25. Maryland
26. Wisconsin
27. Texas A&M
28. Kansas
29. Washington
30. Auburn

31. Miami (FL)
32. Virginia Tech
33. Wake Forest
34. VCU
35. Florida
36. Alabama
37. Mississippi State
38. Texas Tech
39. Rutgers
40. Texas

41. Vanderbilt
42. Marquette
43. Villanova
44. Richmond
45. BYU
46. Oklahoma
47. Boston University
48. Samford
49. Cincinnati
50. Denver


1. Stanford
2. Duke
3. Texas A&M
4. Cal
5. Georgia
6. Penn State
7. Notre Dame
8. LSU
9. North Carolina
10. Oklahoma

2 thoughts on “AWK’s 2012 NCAA Soccer Preview – Provisional 2013 & 2014 Recruiting Class Rankings

  1. Michelle

    Nice work Chris!! I wonder when guys like Jon Lipsitz will get in trouble with many recruiting violations that they are committing. Recruiting process is getting uglier with those guys going after really young players and breaking rules left and right.

    1. just a mom

      Wow. I sure hope you know that posting this here – if the many recruiting violations you allege are false – could potentially be defamatory given this has to do with his career. Chris, are there rules posters should be following posted somewhere? (No racial or sexual slurs, no defamatory comments, etc.?) I would expect the webmasters wouldn’t want to deal with requests for IP addresses etc. but since Michelle’s post was approved I guess it passed some sort of smell test.

      I have not always been happy about the characterizations of players here, but that is opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. Stating that there are NCAA violations (that could affect someone’s livelihood and professional reputation) seems a different animal altogether. If this is a serious accusation then it should be made to the school or the NCAA.


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