DC-area AmWoSo July 11 update: The Playoffs are Nigh

Veteran Ali Andrzejewski is leading her ASA Chesapeake Charge into the playoffs.

Veteran Ali Andrzejewski is leading her ASA Chesapeake Charge into the playoffs.

With the regular season coming to an end and the playoffs looming, the two local brackets – WPSL and W-League – couldn’t look more different, with one completely settled and the other very much up in the air.
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NWSL – Fantasy Round Fourteen Preview

How unpredictable has the NWSL been in recent weeks? Only the top two teams have more than nine points in their past six matches, indicating enormous volatility throughout the rest of the table. As you might expect, it’s also proving to be a nightmare for fantasy owners.

I still managed to scrape through with over a hundred fifty points (probably) this past round, no doubt helped by lucking into Naho’s huge haul off the bench for me after I stupidly started Megan Rapinoe, who missed out injured. The Japanese forward is undisputedly the top forward option for Seattle right now and should probably be in the running for a spot in your lineup every round until the end of the season.

Of course, success now is all about guessing right with a fleet of double-gamers and a select few single gamers. Unfortunately, none of the teams with two games this round are Seattle or FCKC, meaning you’re probably going to be guessing again in large part in filling out your roster. There aren’t exactly any standout teams to put at #1 either in team rankings this round, meaning you’re going to have to do your fair share of guessing to hit it big this round.

Chris’ Round Fourteen Team Rankings

1. HOU
2. WSH
3. POR
4. SEA
6. WNY
7. CHI
8. BOS



Ohai – Will Henderson acquisition open up opportunities for her or cut into her points going forward? Hard to gamble on her until we get an answer.
McCarty – Cooling down after torrid stretch and seems likely to lose points with Henderson coming on board.
Jackson – She clearly makes things happen when she’s on the pitch, but will Waldrum realize it and start her? A sleeper if she starts, and you’ll know with HOU-BOS first match of the round.
Ochs – Best bet defensively if she starts, as she may be played further up the pitch but still think better options out there.
McLeod – Defense looked abysmal against WNY, but she still ended up breaking even. Should be plenty of chances for saves, even if goals against are likely.
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NWSL Fantasy Round Thirteen – Provisional Point Totals

Again, with the official totals on the site not being updated yet, here are my point counts for round thirteen from official league box scores:


Match One

5.0 – Angerer
-0.5 – Catley
0.5 – Farrelly
5.5 – Heath
6.0 – Huffman
3.0 – Long
-0.5 – Marshall
9.5 – McDonald
9.0 – Morgan
3.0 – Moros
1.0 – Sinclair
4.0 – Van Hollebeke
7.0 – Vero

Match Two

2.0 – Angerer
-0.5 – Catley
-0.5 – Heath
-4.5 – Huffman
8.5 – Long
7.5 – Morgan
3.5 – Sinclair
2.5 – Vero
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W-League: Braddock Road stays in playoff hunt with late comeback win

While some of you were sitting at home Saturday afternoon watching no one score for 120 minutes, a few of us were out watching a barn-burner of a W-League match in a glorious weather: two lead changes, multiple momentum shifts, and, finally, a critical 4-3 win for the Braddock Road Stars Elite over Northeastern Conference rival New Jersey Wildcats.
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NWSL – Fantasy Round Thirteen Preview

I had Carli Lloyd in my side this past round (Good). I also captained Kim Little and picked Hope Solo and Sydney Leroux (Not So Good). I finished (probably) with just above a hundred points and behind many of you if your gloating is to be trusted.

This round? No Spirit and two games for Portland and Chicago…against each other. Lumping your side with Portland players is probably going to be a popular option, but the Red Stars excel in keeping teams from playing and are going to be equally desperate to save their playoff hopes. Still, you have to have a few from each this round.

Player thoughts will be shorter than usual, as I have a barbecue to prep for.

Fantasy NWSL Team Rankings – Round 13

1. POR
2. SEA
3. CHI
5. HOU
6. WNY
8. BOS


Morgan – Going to be a very popular option this round but put up just 3.5 points against FCKC showing her mortality. Might look elsewhere if you have a lot of ground to make up, at least as far as a captain’s concerned.
Angerer – Should get two matches and figures to have a good chance at a clean sheet in at least one of them.
Vero – Probably won’t put up outrageous numbers but seemingly a fair bet for 10-20 for the round if she can avoid being kicked to bits.
Sinclair – No points against FCKC and could be back to scraps with Morgan’s return.
Heath – Yeah, she’s here, but what’s her role? There’re a lot of balls in the air here. I’d steer clear for a round, at least.
Marshall – Who knows what Riley’s doing with his defense these days, but Marshall seems like the only safe option to get maximum minutes.
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NWSL Fantasy Round Twelve – Provisional Point Totals

Official point totals are going to be a little slow in getting entered into the system for rounds twelve and thirteen, so here are my unofficial counts based off box scores posted on the official NWSL website:

WNY Flash

Match One

3.0 – Adriana
5.5 – Kerr
26.0 – Lloyd
0.5 – Reynolds
-0.5 – Salem
0.5 – Sonia
-2.0 – Spencer
3.0 – Taylor
6.5 – Vicky
7.0 – Williams
-1.0 – Williamson
-0.5 – Zerboni

Match Two

0.5 – Adriana
-0.5 – Barczuk
2.5 – Kerr
-1.0 – Lloyd
-0.5 – Reynolds
-0.5 – Salem
3.0 – Sonia
0.5 – Spencer
-0.5 – Taylor
10.0 – Vicky
-0.5 – Williamson
0.5 – Zerboni
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Washington AmWoSo Week June 25-29

Sam Lofton and Ashley Herndon of the Spirit Reserves battle Braddock Road's Allie Wisner for the ball while Marisa Park looks on. (Photo by Larry J. Clark)

Sam Lofton and Ashley Herndon of the Spirit Reserves battle Braddock Road’s Allie Wisner for the ball while Marisa Park looks on. (Photo by Larry J. Clark)

It was a good week for local women’s soccer fans. The professional Spirit got back on a winning track. The flagship Washington Spirit Reserves won three games in five days and clinched first place in the W-League’s Northeastern Conference. The Braddock Road Stars Elite got their second win. The ASA Chesapeake Charge went 3-0 in the group stage of the USASA Women’s Open Cup, then lost narrowly in the finals to the New York Athletic Club. On the other hand, ACF Torino USA fell, 2-1, to the New York Fury.
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NWSL – Fantasy Round Twelve Preview

If you captained Alex Morgan, you probably enjoyed a very good round. I still managed a decent week to rise closer to the Top 100, but the decision to captain Vero over Morgan turned out to be a rather poor one. Sticking with Morgan, Sinclair, and Vero did end up fueling my side forward, extra helpful considering I had five players who didn’t even not a whole point, the most disappointing one perhaps being Amy Rodriguez, who put up a bagel in a rare poor outing.

This time out, scores are probably going to be astronomical, as SIX teams are on double game rounds. Of course, two who aren’t are FC Kansas City, in form, and Portland, sort of half in-form, but capable of some big points. It’s all a matter of how much you trust the two teams to be able to put up a big number against the other. I’d be dubious considering the volume of players with two games this round, though given Alex Morgan’s capacity for huge games and Amy Rodriguez’s seasonal form, you may feel otherwise.

Additionally, Chicago’s on a bye this round. Not particularly sure you’d fancy them in their current form anyway.

NWSL Fantasy Round Twelve Team Rankings

3. WSH (@HOU, BOS)
6. BOS (@WNY, @WSH)
8. POR (@FCKC)

Seattle – Well, the million dollar question is over HOPE SOLO. She’s technically available for selection, but does that tell us a whole hell of a lot? If I had to read the tea leaves, I’d guess she starts both matches, but it’s far from a settled matter. The nightmare scenario, obviously, is if Solo and HALEY KOPMEYER split matches. With Seattle being the pick of the littler this round, you may just have to guess right with Solo, as I don’t think holding Kopmeyer in reserve will be best for your points total, robbing you of a spot to put another Reign player. I would not captain Solo though. Defensively, Seattle has a fair shot at a clean sheet, though their tendency to go behind means I’d just stick with one defender, likely KENDALL FLETCHER. KIM LITTLE is obviously going to be in your team and should probably be wearing the armband if you’re playing it safe. JESS FISHLOCK’s a decent option but not great in all honesty given the number of teams with two games this round. You probably have a tough choice between NAHO and SYDNEY LEROUX this round. Leroux was the club’s big scorer last round, with Naho a total whiff. I’m not sure I’d go with both though, as there are so many two game clubs. Naho’s probably the safer option, but Leroux has more upside.
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Washington AmWoSo Weekend June 21-22

The Washington Spirit Reserves were recognized at halftime of the NWSL match for winning the US Women's Amateur Championship.

The Washington Spirit Reserves were recognized at halftime of the NWSL match for winning the US Women’s Amateur Championship.

Even though the DC-area amateur teams went undefeated over the weekend, there were still highs and lows. The high was the first-ever victory for the first-year Braddock Road Stars Elite. The low was a disappointing tie by the Washington Spirit Reserves. And meanwhile, the ASA Chesapeake Charge just keep rolling along.
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